Monday, July 13, 2009

not so Small Business...

It's always awesome to meet fellow "like-minded" entrepreneurs who are so open about their small businesses (well it's important to be open to the right people.) Not only do you get to bounce ideas back and forth, I always learn something new and super useful. I had an AWESOME conversation with one such "super smart and chic" entrepreneur this weekend and oh my did she give me some MAJOR useful pointers. Thanks a mill Ms.FE!

Most serious small business owners know it's no easy feat to keep things organized, stay focused, stay patient even when you're at your wits end and juggle all the many things you have to do everyday to ensure the longevity and success of your business. Phew...just thinking about it makes me tired (well it's also 3:06am.) :) Thank God for undying passion and drive!

I for one am always so appreciative of smart folks who take the time out to actually help make our lives a tad easier by suggesting a simpler process, service, giving sincere constructive criticism or pretty much anything that will make Ladyee Boutique a better stronger, more customer focused, STYLISH shopping experience.

Speaking of better shopping experiences, the website is currently being updated with loads of fabulous new items. YAY! As always we've scouted tons of lovely boutique lines and picked out the best stuff for you to update your closets for the summer and transition to fall. So stay tuned as we update and thank you so much for your patience.

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Bola said...

I totally agree with you! Networking with the right people helps you take a better look at yourself and how to improve. It also helps you meet awesome people (like you).

Starting and running a small business hard work geez! Knowing the right people can make it easier! Here's to more success!

ola said...

The dresses on the website right now are fabulous!!!! I especially love the link with numerous dresses for less than $100..very affordable even for a relatively broke student like me. Let me go get my shopping on before all that stuff

Afolabi Sogunro said...

Well said Wande. Running a small biz can definitely be challenging. It helps when there are people with the same focus to share ideas and experiences together. Its a win win for everyone.